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Guardian IT is your trusted partner in cyber risk management.

Who We Are

Your Partner in Navigating Today’s Cyber Threats

Guardian IT stands as a powerful force in cybersecurity and IT services, dedicated to keeping your business and customers safe. We’ve been working with companies across many industries – from banks to manufacturers – equipping them with the necessary safeguards for their sensitive data, while providing top-notch customer service.

By working with us, you gain access to a valuable partner who can provide the following services and more. We look forward to getting to know your organization! 

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Why We Do What We Do

Our Commitment to You and Your Clients

We know that for any organization that works with sensitive client data, keeping that data out of the wrong hands is of utmost importance. Your clients trust you to keep their information safe, and your organization’s reputation depends on whether or not you honor that trust.

That’s why Guardian IT is committed to doing everything in our abilities and expertise to safeguard your clients’ information as well as your organization’s own data. As your cybersecurity partner, we share your responsibility to your clients. Let us help you manage your cyber risk with the confidence and peace of mind that comes with having a trusted, reliable partner in your corner. 

The Vision Behind It All

Meet Our President: Marc Enzor

Marc Enzor is the entrepreneur behind Geeks 2 You, a computer repair and IT support company serving consumers in Arizona. After over a decade of business that saw Geeks 2 You grow to become the leader of both the Phoenix and Tuscon markets, Marc saw an ever-growing need for his cybersecurity expertise among businesses and other organizations. This lead him to launch Guardian IT, the sister company to Geeks 2 You.

Through Guardian IT, Marc’s vision is to empower businesses and organizations to navigate the cyber threats they all face with confidence and peace of mind—all with the same level of expertise and customer service that made Geeks 2 You so successful. 

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At an early age, Marc had a “connection” with technology and taught himself how to fix his old Intel 286 computer by breaking it and repeatedly fixing it. He learned DOS and Windows 3.1 Operating Systems by reading books. At 11 years old, he helped his neighbor with how to sell something on Ebay, to which his neighbor said he “should start his own business!”. He did so by putting an ad in the local newspaper and had his mother drive him to people’s homes to fix their computers. By the age of 13, he was a Network Administrator for a web-hosting company and managed Windows and Linux servers that hosted large websites.

He then graduated high school and moved to Tucson, Arizona to study Engineering at the University of Arizona. After college, he worked for an engineering company for several years. In 2007, the idea came to him to start his own business performing onsite computer repair to residential and business customers. Within 24 hours, Geeks 2 You was started and the initial business plan was laid out.

Over the last 11 years, the business has grown to be the leader in the Tucson market for computer repair, and in the beginning of 2018, he launched the business in the Phoenix market. The future plans for Geeks 2 You are to open up across the nation in select cities.

Marc has an incredibly supportive wife and two beautiful children. When he isn’t executing on his business development plans, he enjoys spending every free minute with them. He also greatly enjoys the outdoors and “unplugging” from technology through camping, fishing, golfing, and other outdoor recreations.

Are We a Good Fit?

Industries We Serve

While we can partner with any organization in any industry, Guardian IT specializes in those that manage large amounts of valuable data. These organizations are the biggest targets for cyber attacks, and we’re here to make sure you’re well guarded against those threats.

Law Firms

Access sensitive case data more efficiently and securely while ensuring your firm is compliant with the latest regulations

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Accounting Firms 

Manage financial information more confidently and securely with expert support whenever you need it.

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Logistics / Transportation

Transform your business through technology with more efficient, reliable, and secure infrastructure

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The Guardian IT Difference

We’re Not Just Your Tech Support—We’re Your Partner

We Strive for Excellent Service

We take pride in our technicians’ communication skills, and they take the time to understand and respect your IT environment.

We Understand Your Industry

We have experience working with organizations in a wide variety of industries, and we understand the tools and challenges of your trade.
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We're Here for the Long Haul

We’re much more than just a tech support team who fixes problems as they happen. We’re committed to our partnership and strive to empower your organization in every way we can.

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Let’s discuss how we can form a lasting partnership to strengthen your organization’s cybersecurity posture.

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