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We are Guardian IT—a team of cybersecurity and IT experts dedicated to protecting your business’ and customer data while providing best-in-class IT services. From law firms to CPA firms, logistics & transportation, manufacturing, and more, we’ve helped businesses in all industries to secure their sensitive data and ensure their IT systems run efficiently and without interruption. We value our partnerships with our clients, and we look forward to creating a lasting relationship with your organization.

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We are a true IT & Cybersecurity partner to your organization. We help streamline your computer systems with the latest cybersecurity tools all while keeping your staff productive.


Cyber attacks can target any organization—ensure you’re doing everything you can to be ready with our help.

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Not sure if we’re the right fit for your organization? Need to know a little more about what we do? Read through some of our most commonly asked questions below, and don’t hesitate to reach out and contact us if you have any additional questions.

Is my organization really a target for cyber attacks?

Yes, your organization is susceptible to cyber-attacks. In today’s digital landscape, where computer systems play a central role in organizational operations, vulnerability to digital threats is an inherent risk faced by all entities. Regrettably, cyber criminals exhibit no discrimination, directing their malicious intent towards organizations of varying sizes, including large enterprises and small businesses.

Recent statistics have shown a substantial surge in cyber-attacks over the past year, with incidents increasing by an alarming 424%. Notably, a significant portion of these attacks, amounting to 43%, were specifically aimed at small and mid-sized businesses. Furthermore, a staggering 78% of small and medium-sized businesses in the United States encountered at least one cyberattack within the same period.

Considering these compelling statistics, it is paramount for organizations to adopt a proactive stance towards cybersecurity. By implementing robust security measures and fostering a culture of cyber awareness, organizations can better safeguard their critical assets and sensitive information from the ever-evolving threats posed by cyber adversaries. An unwavering commitment to cybersecurity resilience is essential to ensure sustained business continuity in an increasingly interconnected digital world.

How does Guardian IT help protect my customer data?

Guardian IT helps protect customer data by providing industry-leading security tools and services such as advanced application firewalls, vulnerability scans, malware detection and removal, and encrypting customer data before it leaves the network. If you partner with us, we’ll work with your team directly to ensure your network security policies and procedures are up-to-date and secure.

How do I know if Guardian IT is the right fit for my organization?

The first step in knowing if Guardian IT is the right fit for your organization is to discuss your needs with one of our IT professionals. They can answer any questions you have about our services and provide an individualized assessment to address your business needs. We are confident that our services can meet the needs of any business, and we look forward to getting to know yours.

What Industries does Guardian IT work with?

Guardian IT works with a variety of industries, including finance, law, transportation, warehousing, education, and retail. Most businesses can benefit from our services, and this is especially true for those working with sensitive customer data. If your business deals with information that needs guarding, we can work with you.

I'm not sure if I Need these services. Can I schedule a consultation?

Yes, absolutely! Our team of experts can provide you with a personalized consultation to help you determine the best way to protect your data and network. Please contact us for more information.