IT Consulting for Logistics Firms

Partner with Guardian IT to better leverage your firm’s technology for enhanced efficiency and cybersecurity.

Logistics Firms:

Is Your Current IT Support Provider Doing These Things?

Not keeping up with your needs?

Overcharging you?

Taking too long to respond?

NOT protecting your computers and network from a breach or ransomware attack?

Don’t take the risk of leaving your IT and cybersecurity needs in the hands of an unreliable provider. If you answered “Yes” to any of the questions above, get in touch with us now to receive a free network cybersecurity audit. We’ll give you a comprehensive overview of exactly what’s needed to keep your systems secure.

When it Comes to Logistics,

Time is money!

At Guardian IT, we understand time is valuable and how critical it is to keep your logistics firm running smoothly. That’s why our IT support services are tailored for you with immediate one-on-one help. Our experienced team can come to you or remotely access your computer, so there’s no need to wait. We specialize in all aspects of IT needs from the small problems to the bigger ones, leaving you free to focus on serving your clients.

Plus, when urgent issues arise, our technicians have lightning fast response times and often resolve common situations within 15 minutes – so you don’t miss a beat! Let us take care of every last detail for you and get back on track as soon as possible. 

We Know the Tools of the Trade

Logistics Software Experts

Our technicians are trained in many different Logistics software platforms and ready to handle your systems. We build out our own knowledge base for their software, so we can resolve routine issues immediately without even having to contact your software vendor for support.

Guard Your Critical Data

Security & Compliance IT Solutions

With Guardian IT, you can feel confident that your business’s data is secure from any malicious actors. Cybersecurity is a major concern for logistics companies, and our team of IT experts has the experience to protect your information and ensure you’re ready for anything. Hackers are known to single out logistics firms—but with us on board, you’ll have a line of defense ready and waiting. We know exactly how to manage cyber risks and safeguard your organization. 

Regulation Compliance

Cyber Risk Management

Improved Customer Trust

Peace of Mind

Better Flexibility

Be Productive Anywhere

Does your firm have remote workers who need to be able to access important data from anywhere? Do you need to be able to keep things running even while traveling? We can craft custom solutions ensuring that both in-house and remote workers can access your firm’s data safely and securely. Our IT consultants can architect your network with Cloud services or in-office servers depending on your needs.

Secure Access to Company Systems on the Go

Improved Communication for Remote Teams

Enhanced Productivity through Cloud Tools

Customized Remote, In-Office, and Hybrid Solutions

Be Ready for Anything

Data Security & Backup

A cybersecurity leader with years of experience, Guardian IT is proud to offer tailored solutions for logistics firms like yours. We’ll work hand-in-hand to develop an all-encompassing cyber risk management strategy that safeguards your business from any potential threats. Let’s team up together and secure a stronger future for your firm.

Secure Data Backup

Let us help protect your valuable data with dependable backup and disaster recovery services. Our comprehensive solutions provide a layer of security to keep you safe and secure in the face of ever-evolving cyber threats. Rest easy knowing your critical information is backed up and readily available!

Ransomware Protection 

Don’t let ransomware take control of your data. Logistics companies are highly vulnerable to cyber threats, but there’s no need to worry. Our innovative solution prevents ransomware from ever becoming a problem—so you can rest assured that your data is secure.

Disaster Recovery Planning

Secure your data with our comprehensive disaster recovery planning. We strive to make sure that access to your data is just a few clicks away, so you can have peace of mind knowing that no risks or disruptions will ever bring your organization’s practice to a standstill.

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